Emma turns one!

I get so happy when maternity clients call and tell me it's time for a one year cake smash for their little! How sweet is this doll! 


Senior sessions have officially become my favorite thing to photograph! Cloudy days equal soft pretty portraits. These creamy photos have me inspired! 

Dalton- Senior Session

Film.. I get tons of questions about it but the top three everyone always asks me is.. what is the difference between film and digital, which one is better, and why do I like shooting film?
Well.. film is nothing instant. You have to process and develop the pictures before you see them. Every shot taken is money so it can get expensive. However, If shot right film naturally has a beautiful softness to it. Film gives pastel like colors and you can't beat the skin tones! Little to no editing is needed (like the post below). Film makes me slow down, look, create, and capture whats in front of me.. which gives me pieces of art I want to keep forever!  
Digital is quick and instant. You can take as many shots as you want without racking up a bill. Digital works great in low light and fast pace settings. I think the down side to digital is I do find myself spending so much time editing the colors and skin tones. I think I have it down now but it was hard at first to get it right. I think digital allows me to explore a bit more which helps me get a new perspective and different angles.. creating one of a kind images.
I can honestly say I don't think film is better than digital or that digital is better then film. I think a mixture of the both is where I find my perfect balance. I used to take 100s of photos hoping to get one good one but since being introduced to film I've slowed down to make art and not snap photos. I'm loving everything I am producing from my experience with both film and digital!
-Brandie marquez

Where the wild thing are

Sweet little Antonio looks adorable in his first birthday pictures! Antoinio is the third born from this amazing couple who I have been photographing since I first started photography. I feel so blessed that I get to watch families grow! 

Michael and Elisa

Another engagement session here for you.. Tis the season of engagements and weddings! Oh and senior photos which will be coming to the blog soon! Now, lets get to this gorgeous shoot in San Fran! My photographer friend here, Mike and his beautiful fiancé Ely, chose such a romantic place to shoot! Between her dress, their connection, and that LIGHT... SO perfect! 

Sean and Jessica

I'm so very happy for this beautiful couple! They are getting married in September up in Arnold, Ca. For their engagement shoot we went up that way to explore and take pictures! Their wedding venue is AMAZING!! Even in the snowing winter it was perfect! I can just vision their day! It's going to be such a dream! 

Jones Family

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P.S. Kristen's beautiful dress is from Anthropology!